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Website Hosted by Northern Computer Services

This website is hosted by Northern Computer Services (NCS) a company founded for the purpose of improving business operations through the effective use of technology.

NCS focuses on the application of Internet-based technologies in the business-to-business market segment. The company offers a complete range of technical services including specialized programming and application development, systems selection and review, Intranets, Extranets and Internet-based e-commerce applications.

Recognizing that strong technical abilities alone are not enough to ensure client success in marketing applications, NCS has also developed a network of professional business and marketing consultants. Selected for their industry knowledge and experience, NCS consultants are available to assist in developing comprehensive well-planned strategic objectives for technological initiatives. They also help maximize sales, marketing and overall business initiatives. NCS provides services to a number of consulting and IT development companies, and has developed online e-commerce for several retail and business-to-business clients.