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Travelling Without Insurance

Your provincial health plan will provide very limited coverage if you are travelling out of country or out of province. Coverage outside of Canada would be less than 10%.

An accident or sickness could result in medical expenses costing thousands of dollars. You could spend your whole vacation worrying about potential medical costs.

Travel insurance will take care of this worry. It covers emergency hospital costs or treatment for both sickness and accident. Most travel medical policies have limits of $5,000,000.00.

An additional coverage you should consider is trip cancellation/interruption insurance. This type of insurance reimburses you if you cannot go on your trip for a specified reason or you cannot continue your trip (interruption) once you have started it. You do not want to pay for a vacation that you cannot take.

Travel insurance companies provide you with valuable claims service. Imagine trying to deal with a medical catastrophe yourself, particularly when you are sick or injured in a foreign country. You may not speak the language. Who would you contact? What health provider do you go to? The insurance company will do this. This is part of the service and one of the reasons for insurance.

All the above are good reasons why you should purchase travel insurance.