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21st Century Travel Visitors to Canada Policy


This policy has some features which are unique for visitors to Canada policies.

The application of the deductible is one of these features. Most companies apply a deductible for each claim during the policy period. 21st Century Travel applies the deductible to the first claim only, per person, per policy period.

Follow up coverage after emergency treatment is more favourable with 21st Century Travel. Their coverage limit is up to the overall policy selected. Thus, if you have a policy coverage limit of $100,000.00 this would also be the limit for follow up coverage (less initial medical expenses). Other policies will have a specific limit for follow up coverage such as $3,000.00 or allow one follow up visit.

21st Century Travel is one of the few companies to cover stable pre-existing conditions for persons age 80 to 85. Coverage is subject to completing a medical declaration.

I strongly recommend the 21st Century Travel visitors to Canada policy for persons coming to Canada.