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Allianz International Student Plan

Allianz provides emergency medical coverage for students coming to Canada.  There is a choice of two plans; both have a coverage limit of $2,000,000.00.  The “Standard” plan does not cover pre-existing conditions, while the “Enhanced” plan covers pre-existing conditions that have been stable for 90 days before the policy starts.  There is also some “non-emergency type” coverage if you take the policy out for one year.  This includes an eye examination and physical examination ($250.00 limit).

International students are not covered under Canadian government health plans.  Hospital costs in Canada can run over $3,000.00 daily.  The TIC International student plan, standard version, costs only $1.45 per day or $485.00 for the year.  The “Enhanced” plan costs $2.21 per day or $807.00 for the year.  Both policy premiums are bargains compared to paying medical costs out of pocket.